Art of Fruit and Vegetable Carving

Thai Food Carving, Veg Carving Fruits Carving Tools Chef knives Decoration edible Flower arrangements free fruit carving informationThe ancient art of carving vegetables and fruits has its origin in Eastern countries like China, Thailand and Japan. In Thailand, food carving was practiced principally by the women of the Royal household. This art slowly became popular to the all social levels and has been adopted by creative food lovers all over the world.

The main reason behind fruit and vegetable carving is to make food more attractive and appealing. The art of carving is very difficult and need a lot of concentration and practice. The tools of a seasoned fruit and vegetable carver are by no means extensive. In fact, one small carving tool is sharp and small knife. With this tool, the carver can peel, slice, dice and carve any piece of fruit or vegetable into a decorative masterpiece. Now days there are variety of food carving tools and knives available in the market to make this art simpler.

Firm vegetables such as pumpkin, potato and carrot are often used and perhaps the most commonly used hard fruits are watermelon(Video), pineapple and cantaloupe. Watermelon is very popular with carvers for its vibrant pink and white flesh and green skin. Soft produce such as mango, banana and papaya are used for veg carved flowers, buds, leaves and any form that does not require too much detail.

In addition the fruit or vegetable, the carver uses the skin in some artistic manner. Skins from apples and oranges, in particular, are useful for decorating platters by curling the skins into loopy frames for portions of food.

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