Breast Feeding develops healthy eating habits in baby

nursing,breast feeding,babies nutrition,baby health,parenting, mommy love breast milk, formula fed babyBreast-feeding is usually associated with increased intelligence, social traits and natural protection against ill health, but the new research indicates that breastfeeding may also help babies develop taste for healthy food. The Danish researchers found that if a mother eats fruits and vegetable while breastfeeding, her infant would be more receptive to eating healthy foods.

The flavor of breast milk changes depending on what the mother is eating. For example, the flavor of banana lasts in breast milk within an hour while mint is detectable up for eight hours. And the breast fed baby gets accustomed to different tastes with the breast milk. This could enhance their likelihood of trying and accepting new foods or flavors later in life. Babies exposed to such a variety of tastes may be more adventurous eaters later.

The researches claim their findings can help mothers to develop healthy eating habits in their babies. Healthy eating habits develop naturally if a breastfeeding mother sticks to a healthy diet herself. Therefore, as a mom, if you choose plenty of fruits and veggies while you're pregnant and breast-feeding, you'll help to pass on the preference for these healthy foods. This should boost the chance a baby will like a first taste of healthy food, and continue with it.


Tiffany Aller August 20, 2008 at 4:38 PM  

Great post - I'm afraid that my child will have to get used to the taste of Taco Bell at this point...I've eaten a lot of it since getting pregnant! While breastfeeding, I will have to make sure to diversify my fruit and veggie intake.

BTW, I'm a visitor from EntreCard - great site!

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