Good Standing Posture for Healthy Back

How to stand in correct posture avoid backache and neck pain, Bones Muscles jointsStop! Freeze and check if you are leaning forward while reading this article. And if you are, chances are high that you do not sit right, stand straight, walk tall and straight. The wrong posture makes you look shorter and unimpressive.

Good posture is important for both looking and feeling your best. Standing up straight can make you look five pounds lighter. More than just looking long and lean, having good posture is important for the health of your bones and joints. It also helps avoiding the common backache. When you sit and stand correctly, your posture keeps parts of your body in neutral un-stressed position. Keeping muscles, ligaments, and bones in their natural position relieves stress on the back.

Here are quick steps to make you stand correctly.

  1. Find the ‘neutral spine’ position (rock forward and back until you find the most comfortable upright position).
  2. Lift up the head imagining a thread is pulling directly up. Lift your chest up and out.
  3. Pull your shoulder blades down the back, down away from your ears.
  4. Pull the chin back so that your head is neatly in line with your hips.
  5. Keep feet slightly apart, about shoulder-width.
  6. Position your hips to create or maintain a natural arch in your lower back.
  7. Tighten your abdominal muscles and bum muscles without losing the arch in your lower back.
Some people think of good posture as being rigid and stiff. In fact, it's just the opposite. Good posture is comfortable and natural looking because it is the normal position. Your body is in balance and at rest.The following video demonstration should help if you find difficult to follow the above guidelines.

Let an Olympic athlete Caroline Blackburn teach you the right and healthy posture.

Also, check out this classic B & W clip teaching the importance of the correct posture.

Some More Tips to keep your posture straight
  • Do not stress your muscles when you are assuming a straight posture.
  • Keep your head at the level that allows you to look directly ahead without having to turn your eyes up.
  • If you need help remembering to keep your posture, think of a unique object or color. Every time, you think of that object, check your posture.
  • Computer chairs can also be problematic to posture, so be sure yours is supportive.
  • Find properly fitting and comfortable shoes that conform to the natural shape of your feet.


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