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Make Healthy Pav Bhaju, Best Mumbai Pav bhaji, No fat pav bhaji, Diet pav bhajiPav Bhaji is the most popular and tasty fast foods of Mumbai. Anywhere you go on the streets of mumbai, you’ll find this aromatic, sizzling treat. It is almost impossible to resist the aroma of Pav Bhaji. And especially, if you are trying to cut down calories, the pav bhaji becomes irresistible!. Try these few simple tips to enjoy your pav bhaji the healthy way.

1 small dish (150 gm) of bhaji made in 1 tbsp of butter has 285 calories. The more butter,cheese you add, more calories you pack with the bhaji. 2 medium size Pavs(fried with butter) contributes to 131 calories. To enjoy Pavbhaji by cutting on calories,

  • Say No to extra butter or cheese on the bhaji.Avoid eating pavs that have been toasted in butter. Instead, have them toasted slightly without butter. Saves you 75 calories.
  • Pack only bhaji from the vendor, and enjoy it at your office or home with whole wheat slice bread.
  • Fill your plate with onion/Cucumber/Tomato salad.
  • Use greater amount of lemon juice to make your bhaji tasty. This decreases craving for butter.
  • Eat slowly and Drink water frequently.
  • When cooking bhaji at home, drop the potatoes, use other veggies like carrots, red beet, French beans etc.
  • Make bite size snack of pav bhaji without using butter.
  • Experiment with using dals, lentils along with Veggies to make Healthier variation of pav bhaji


Lavi August 14, 2008 at 3:14 AM  

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Great JOB.. keep going!

HAREKRISHNAJI August 14, 2008 at 10:29 AM  

for the first time I am visiting this blog. It's very immpressive. Thankx for sharing useful tips

sangeeta September 10, 2008 at 4:28 AM  

Its really too good, very much thankfull to u

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