Pringles - Potato Chips or Not?

Pringles Chips Controversy are not potato chips crispsPringles are not potato chips.

Procter & Gamble, the maker of Pringles, claimed at a May hearing that Pringles don't look like a chip, don't feel like a chip, and don't taste like a chip.They also claim the snack isn't made like a chip since it is cooked from baked dough, not potato slices.

Britain doesn't apply its 17.5 percent sales tax to food. But, it does apply the sales tax from products made from a potato. Proctor & Gamble doesn't want to pay the tax, so the company went to court and successfully got the judge to rule that Pringles aren't taxable. London Justice Nicholas Warren ruled that Pringles were made, not of potatoes, but out of good baked dough.

They don’t include enough potatoes to legally qualify as potato chips, or any kind of potato snack because they’re made from just 42% potatoes - not enough to be called a potato anything. The judge also agreed that since Pringles aren’t shaped unlike a traditional potato chip, that’s all the more reason they should not be included in the potato chip family.


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