Take care of your feet for Monsoon Season

Feet fungal infection, take care of feet, water allergy for feet, cloosed shoes, footwear, ladies foot home remediesWhen it rains heavily, no matter how hard you try, your feet often end up getting dirty with muddy rainwater and dirt. Additionally, the more it rains, the more your feet tend to sweat. Some times, closed footwear is a job requirement and you have to bear the itchy feet all day long. And times, you are lazy or feel it odd to remove the footwear.

The result can be a minor itch, redness or swelling to something more serious likes fungal infection like tinea pedis or Athlete’s Foot. Itchy dry scaling on the feet, especially between toes is the other problem. Additionally, closed water-soaked shoes can make your nails discolored or brittle. Here are some tips to take care of your feet during rainy season.

  • Closed shoes make your feet a humid breeding ground for microbes. If possible, wear open footwear when you are out in the rain or traveling. Keep office footwear in the office and wear that as you reach the office after washing and drying the feet.
  • At the end of a humid rainy day, soak your feet in cold water and salt solution. Scrub, clean and wipe dry.
  • Rubbing onion juice between infected toes helps to cure infection faster.
  • If you must wear closed footwear, sprinkle talc inside of your shoes.
  • If you develop itch due to mud water, wash feet in a mild solution of limejuice and vinegar to reduce the itch.
  • If your wet feet have tendency to cause odour, mix 5ml of peppermint oil in a tub of lukewarm water with handful of neem leaves and soak your feet for 10 minutes. Dry and spray talcum powder on it. This will help in reducing the perspiration plus relieve you from odour-causing bacteria.
  • If you have developed infection, apply anti-fungal powder and don’t forget that anti-fungal ointment at night. Mix camphor powder in your talcum and spray on your feet. It acts as an antiseptic.
  • Sometimes the nails become brittle and start to clip. This can be prevented by massaging the fingers and feet with warm olive oil every week. Each night the nails may be rubbed with moisturizing creams to prevent them from becoming brittle.
  • Fitting footwear is a must, especially in rainy season. Too loose footwear allows water deposits inside.
  • Make sure you wear cotton socks in this weather and change your shoes as well as socks everyday.
  • Keep your shoes in open air. Remember when your shoes do not get enough air, moisture causes fungus infection.


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