Using Google for Cooking Conversions

Use Google for cooking, Useful Google Calculator, covert from cup to tablespoon,teaspoon, metric, scale imperial conversion, indian standard conversionsThe easiest way to do cooking conversion when you are online is using Google. I write a recipe blog Chakali, and many times I need cooking conversions. The Google Calculator comes very handy. The Google calculator is a great tool to do things from checking flight status, tracking fedx package to finding square roots. But, I was thrilled to see Google taking care of cooking conversions.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter 3 tbsp in tsp and hit “Search”! (Link)
  3. You should get the cooking Conversion like this
Try the following Conversions
1 pint in cup
1 cup in tsp
1.7 cup in tbsp
9 oz in cup


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