Beauty Care: Eggs for skin and hair

Beautiful Shiny silky hair secret is raw egg protien, health of skin tighten and anti aging natural eggEggs can do a lot for enhancing your beauty. Egg white, technically known as albumen, is the clear, liquid part that consists of about 15% proteins dissolved in water. This egg white can be used for making your skin and hair beautiful.

These surprisingly simple egg beauty recipes you can try at home.

Tighten and tone your Skin
Egg – Olive oil – Honey mask: Egg white gives a temporary tight feeling to the skin and makes the pores look smaller. Mix an egg well with a teaspoon of honey and olive oil. Apply the mixture on your face and neck and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with tepid water. Egg will tighten the pores and honey will act as a moisturizer for your skin. It is also effective in treating acne. This mask will give you a temporary glow and tightening look.

Egg White wash: Separate the egg white from the yolk. Beat it up a little until they get foamy. Then apply it directly to your skin. Let it dry. Then wash it with warm water. The egg white tightens and tones your skin.

Quick Fix for puffy eyes
If you have a party to attend and want to fix tired looking eyes, egg reduces puffiness from under the eye. Apply a thin film of egg white on the dark shadows under your eyes and leave it on for 10 minutes, till it dries. This will make the skin feel tighter and look less puffy.

Fight the skin irritation
An egg mask is the best natural remedy for irritated skin. Use the egg mask to smooth your skin. Egg contains amino acids that help in reduction of the inflammation. The proteins found in raw eggs can be highly beneficial to the skin. To treat full body, Crack a few eggs into your running bath water. Use eggs along with your bath soap. Within a few days, you will notice naturally smoothed skin.
Model with volume hair on raw eggs diet, saloon style with home treatment
Raw eggs are an excellent enhancement for a person's hair care regimen. Raw eggs are naturally rich in essential proteins to strengthen hair follicles. The Protein found in raw eggs is also a good source of voluminous hair.

Eggs as Hair Conditioner
Whisk an egg yolk, add one-teaspoon olive oil or baby oil and beat it again. Once frothy, add a cup of water and mix well. Carefully coat your hair with this mixture. Leave it on for 20 minutes and wash it off with cool water. Add an egg white to your regular shampoo for a thick and glossy hair treatment

Moisturize your hair
Eggs are very efficient natural tonic for the hair. This Egg mixture will moisturize your hair.
Egg Honey Yogurt Hair mask: Blend 1-teaspoon honey with half-a-teaspoon almond oil and one tablespoon yogurt. Beat well till the mix is frothy. Apply it to your hair and wash it off after half-an-hour. This will smooth your hair and moisturize it evenly.


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