Music, Intelligence and Babies

Music and intelligence, baby development, parentingDoes listening classical music to babies make them intelligent? Many experts think that classical music stimulates the brain in a way that helps educational and emotional development of the baby.

The baby's sense of hearing is probably the most developed sense before birth. If the mother enjoys the music, and it relaxes her, this will directly affect the unborn baby’s feelings about the music. A pattern of sounds and rhythms develops in a baby’s mind. This musical pattern helps build the neural bridges along which thoughts and information travel. The neural bridges are the foundation blocks of the brain, which are used in learning later in life.

Why Classical Music?
Classical music in particular is because of complexity of structure in this music. The rhythm and pattern of the classical music is more close to nature. However, that does not mean any other music is not good for babies. In fact, any kind of music that has a positive effect on the child’s mood, it will aid in enhancing learning qualities and capabilities.

This effect is known as the Mozart Effect, a theory which is credited with boosting IQ, improving health, strengthening family ties and even producing the occasional child prodigy.

Since ancient times, lullabies in parents’ voice have been used to make babies feel more secure and loved. The new research about the classical music just extends the benefits of music to babies. As a parent, you can expose your child to the classical music from an early stage of life to develop thinking and cognitive effects.


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