Onion Peel Hair Conditioner

inexpensive hair conditioner, natuaral herbal care for hair, smooth volume hair, sheer black hair color, beautiful shiny straight hairWant to try something new and risk-free for you hair? Try this all natural homemade hair conditioner recipe. I found about this natural hair conditioner when I was browsing food books at the local Library. This recipe comes from a book "New Encyclopedia Of Fruits and Vegetables" By 'John Heinerman'. Simply amazing that even onion peel can be put to good use!
Try Solution made from Onions outer skin to make your hair soft and shiny.

Remove the outer, dry and brown skin of Onion and not the moist, inner one. Store them in a brown paper bag each time you use an onion. When you have about 2½ cups of lightly packed onion skins, put them into a pan and add 1 quart of boiling water. Cover and steep them for 50 minutes; then strain through a sieve.

After shampooing your hair, towel-dry it briefly. Then rinse several times with the onion skin rinse, before finally rising again with clear water. This rinse not only conditions your hair by giving it a much softer texture, but actually provides a lovely color to your own present shade. In fact, it has even softened some of the gray in older people hair with weekly use.


Liza September 10, 2008 at 3:10 PM  

but what about the smell?

Vaidehi September 11, 2008 at 4:13 PM  

Hi Liza,

Thanks for commenting. I've not tried it myself yet. But I am keeping all the peels in a brown bag, so probably, next week I'll try this trick and post the results on the blog.

Let the readers know about your experience if you have already tried it. I guess rinsing with clean water after treatment is the key, rinsing more should remove any smell...

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