Excessive Cleanliness and diabetes Link

woman cleang carpet, extreme cleaning,clean home sprays, mops, bateria,viral"Being too clean could increase the risk of diabetes."

Statistical data shows a sharp increase in type 1 diabetes among children under 5 years. Scientists have been unable to explain this spike for a long time until now. The new study by University of Bristol researchers links the diabetes in kids and the too clean, almost sterile environments created around them.
Woman cleaning house and children health, friendly bacteria
The children living in sterile environments have increased risk of developing type 1 diabetes, than the children living in normal households having moderate exposure to bacteria and virus. Type 1 diabetes, though less common type, develops early in childhood where the immune system launches an attack on cells that produce insulin. Some bacteria and viruses that live in the air make children’s bodies develop immune proteins, which lower the risk of diseases in future. And one of these is a gut bacteria that prevents type 1 diabetes.

They found that 80 per cent of the mice raised in a completely germ-free environment, and therefore lacking "friendly" gut bacteria, developed severe diabetes. Then they gave mice a cocktail of the usual bacteria found in the gut, and the incidence of diabetes fell dramatically.

Researchers say “The cleaner everything is, the less stimulation immune system gets and the immune system tend to be incomplete." This research serves a warning to the parents who are too obsessive about cleanliness, making the home almost sterile.

All this proves that too much cleanliness can be sometimes bad for the immune system.


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