How to treat shoe bites?

Girl having beautiful feet shoebite taking care while slecting your next perfect shoeYou are not alone. Majority of us have experienced a shoe-bite sometime. Usually, you have to bear the irritation of it, till your feet get adjusted to the new pair. But it doesn’t have to be that way. First, you can shop for shoes more carefully to prevent painful shoe-bites. Secondly, if you get one in spite of taking all the precaution, try these simple tips to heal your shoe-bites quickly.

The primary reason for shoe bites is new ill-fitting shoes. However, following tips will help you selecting good fitting shoes.

Tips to prevent Shoe Bite:

  • Look closely to the factors like quality of the shoe material, shoe edges and weight of the shoe.
  • Buy right ‘fitting’ shoes that are neither too tight nor loose on your feet. Your heel or toe should not feel pinched or slide out as you take a step in the shoes.
  • Feet swell over the course of a day. Shop in the late afternoon or evening.
  • For most of us, one foot is larger than the other. Always try on both shoes and buy the size that feels comfortable on your larger foot.
  • Stand up; walk around in the new pair. Make sure your foot is not sliding or moving inside the shoe. Have 3/8 to 1/2 inch of shoe extend beyond your longest toe in your larger foot.
  • Ignore the size written on the box, follow what you feel wearing the shoes. Both shoes should fit as closely as possible to the shape of your feet.
Before you wear the new pair
  • Apply coconut or castor oil inside your shoes at problem areas for three consecutive nights to soften them before wearing.
  • Use petroleum jelly (Vaseline) on your feet before putting on the new pair of shoes.
  • Apply a bit of petroleum jelly on the inside of the shoe. Leave it overnight. Next morning, wipe it with a cloth and wear your shoes.
Home remedies to treat Shoe Bites:
  1. Make a thick paste of rice powder and water. Apply it on the shoe bite. Rinse of after it dries. This will soothe the irritation.
  2. Put some Neem leaves in the mixer with a tablespoon of turmeric powder and add a bit of water to it. Now, apply this paste on the shoe bite. The turmeric mixture is disinfectant and dries up the bite area.
  3. Apply a mix of a teaspoon of honey and sesame oil on the affected area.


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