Guide to Popular Handbag Shapes - Part 2

My post - Popular handbag Shapes covered the most popular bag types like hobo, clutch, tote and few more. This article covers few more basic types of bags.

A duffel bag is an unstructured, spacious and cylindrical bag made of cloth(usually canvas) with the closure at the top, often also referred to as a kit bag or gym bag.

Field bag
The Field Bag is a flap-top shoulderbag with utility-type closure (buckles, snaps, etc). It has many compartments and pockets for organizing many items and an adjustable shoulder strap.

Messenger Bags
A messenger bag is a type of sack, that is worn over one shoulder with a strap that winds around the chest resting the bag on the lower back.It is usually soft and used to carry bulky contents, books etc.

Rucksack or Backpack
A bag worn on the back, usually held in place by two buckled straps and closed by a drawstring, which is sometimes concealed under a flap.

Cigar Box
Cigar box purses are made of actual wooden boxes, draped in soft fabric with handles and clasps.These usually decorated by images from the early 1900s.

Reticule / String Bag
It is also called string bag, mesh bag or net bag. From the Latin word "reticulum." A string bag carried in antiquity as a container for provisions or tools.

Serviette, attaché case or briefcase
A rectangular bag with a flap secured by one or more clasps, bellows to separate interior compartments, and with or without handles.

Pouch or Pompadour
Pouch type Handbag is a soft, small bag with a framed closure, usually used for carrying carrying money,keys, a wallet, and other personal items.


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