High Intensity Workout Benefits

sharp short duration exercise is more efficient in burning fatResearchers have found - "Short high intensity sprints of up to 30 seconds could be as beneficial as doing up to five sessions of an hour's exercise a week."

During this study, the university researchers studied the exercise patterns of individuals over many years, comparing short high-intensity sprints to longer training forms, such as cycling and jogging. They also found out that High-intensity routines are much easier to administer and more practical in terms of adherence.

This means a short interval high intensity workouts could be more efficient in burning fat than 30 - 45 min long jogging or cycling. In support of this finding, Iwan Thomas, an Olympic silver medalist mentions, "Short bursts of sprinting with very short recoveries are harder but they do get you fitter."

A secondary benefit of sprinting is a boost to your metabolism. After high intensity exercise, your body consumes a higher than normal amount of energy during the recovery and repair process, and the majority of that energy is sourced from body fat. New research has actually shown that the fat burning effects of high intensity exercise continue for up to 36 hours.

This type of activity may also be used effectively against cardiovascular disease, and research carried out in the laboratory has shown significant reductions in post exercise blood pressure. These findings indicate that intermittent exercise may provide similar benefits as prolonged moderate exercise in the treatment for hypertension.

So next time you hit the gym, remember to include some high intensity workouts with short recovery periods to maximize the fat burning. Before any high intensity workout, it is necessary to warm up properly.


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