Loose Weight by keeping Food Diary

Writing Diary about food intake can increase weight loss, get skinnier by writing all day meals and caloriesWriting down what you eat every day can double your weight loss”, according to a new study.

The study, from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, followed 1,700 overweight people on weight loss regimen over six months. While the participants lost an average of 13 pounds during the six-month regimen, those who kept a diary lost an average of 18 pounds, and those who did not lost nine.

Here is why the food diary works

Reality Check

We tend to underestimate the daily food intake by about 15-25 percent, many nutritionist say. We tend to estimate fewer calories for big size meals (typical while eating out). Keeping food diary will eliminate the guesswork and at the end of the each day, you have an exact number of calories consumed during the day. Try websites like Caloriecount, Calorie King or Nutrition Data for counting calories.

Candies, Chocolate bars, small chips bags, bite size foods etc are all easily forgotten and “unaccounted” food intake. When you keep the food diary, you will be surprised to see how many times you eat unconsciously. 3 times mouthful of food a day means 75 calories, translating in 8 pounds an year. Diary will help you realize this and cut back the between meal munching.

Check what you eat
After keeping your diary for some time, you will discover what you are eating and if you are eating in a balanced way. Balanced diet is a key for healthy weight loss. Find out how many servings of each food group you should be eating from food pyramid. Make sure you get enough of each food group in your calorie budget.

Learn the Patterns
Many times the food habits are situational. For example, having a drink and salty snacks while watching TV. Sometimes, we eat due to stress, or other emotions. Some people eat more when in the group. Writing everything you eat helps noticing these patterns, and then you can figure out ways to change them.

Experiment, Keep what works for you
Every body is different. Every weight loss experience is different. The food diary helps you recording your weight loss each week. You can also discover which diet decisions translated into pounds lost. You can keep what is really working for your body. By flipping the weeks recorded, you can also find out what is disturbing your weight loss plan and how.

Remember to record what you eat, calories, day and time, if possible the situation. Keeping daily exercise log is also helpful. So start recording what you eat and turbo charge your weight loss plan!


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