Simple Workouts to keep your Brain sharp

small daily dose of challenges to keep brain sharp and boost mental abilities create prodigies Just like physical exercise keeps your body healthy and strong, mental activity keeps your mind sharp and agile. One of the ways for keeping your brain sharp is to challenge it by continuous reading, thinking and learning new things. An active brain produces new connections between nerve cells that allow cells to communicate with one-another.This helps your brain store and retrieves information more easily. This will allow you stay in top “brain” shape, as you grow older.

You can easily stimulate and exercise your brain every day by following these simple tips.

Read frequently
Reading is a simple but very effective exercise for your mind. It is also a great way to learn about new things. Develop a good reading habit. Set some time aside everyday, any time will do when you can focus on reading for 15-20 minutes. Do not read the same type of topics. Newspaper and magazines provide variety of topics. Variety in reading topics will enhance your knowledge sphere making you more aware and confident. Key to develop brainpower is to staying focused while reading.

Recent research suggests that a little bit of internet Searching for information contributes greatly toward keeping your mind fit. The Internet search provides wealth of information and therefore presents the user with multiple choices. Selecting what to click on requires decision-making, an activity that engages important cognitive circuits in the brain. Internet Savvy users are likely to gain more from “Googling” than the new learners of computer and internet.

Learn new things
This is the one of the most powerful way to exercise your mind. Learning a musical instrument, a foreign language, or any new skill does wonders for the brain. For example, when we learn a new language, our brain uses multiple areas, from storage and retrieval to auditory and language center connections. Constant learning will decrease the risk of developing memory-related problems later in the life. Use internet effectively (youtube, videojug) for music lessons or iTunes for language lessons.

Do puzzles
This is a classic way for boosting your brainpower. Crosswords, Sudoku or word games are excellent ways to work on your brain. There are many websites like for playing these mind-boosters. Everyday newspaper crossword will also do a trick. The more variety of puzzles, greater challenge you post for the brain. To start with puzzles, choose the puzzles, which are neither too simple nor too tough.

Play online brain games
Online brain games are fantastic way for improving our brain’s speed and memory. As little as fifteen minutes a day of cognitive exercise like online logic, memory games help our brain generate new cells. Find challenging and enjoyable games and use your spare time to train your brain.

Use your opposite hand
If you are right handed, try to use your left hand to do everyday tasks like brushing teeth and combing hair, drinking coffee or surfing TV channels. By not using your dominant hand, you will be exercising the opposite side of the brain igniting your neural pathways. You will be extremely uncoordinated first, but over time, you can train yourself in many everyday activities.

Challenge constantly
Don't focus on any one activity. Do things that are fun, challenging, and stimulating to the mind. There are many different ways to exercise your brain such as practicing meditation, doing math problems, making checklists, learning new words, learning to play a musical instrument. The key is to avoid getting into a routine.

By changing your day-to-day activities and taking on new challenges, you can improve your mental capacity and stimulate your brain.


nickysam November 6, 2008 at 9:12 PM  

The training to your brain need not be as rigorous as physical workout. Foods that are rich in antioxidants such as berries, dark leafy greens, grapes, carrots, beets and tomatoes have been proven to keep your brain in peak working order by preventing cholesterol from lining your arteries and slowing blood flow to the brain.

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Anonymous December 21, 2008 at 9:53 AM  

Do you drink enough plain water? Brian needs fresh water to cool! Everday drink 4 to 5 liters of water that will make your brian function effectively.

Do not forget to breath. Inhale fresh air, early morning is more suitable for this. Take deep breathing. Brian needs oxygen.

Mr. Salu D' Souza

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