Tips for Beautiful Lips

Lips are one the most sensitive parts of the body. Beautiful and healthy lips enhances the beauty of our face many times giving an appealing and sexy look. They also serve very important functions while eating and speaking. They are covered on the outside by a thin layer of skin and on the inside by transparent mucous membranes. They neither have any oil glands nor do they possess any kind of skin like protective layer to protect it from outside cold, wind or dryness in atmosphere. Lips require special care, especially during harsh winter weather.
Follow these simple tips to take care of your lips.

The main reason for chapped, cracked lips is dehydration - loss of moisture. Drinking enough water will keep the body, skin and lips hydrated.

Licking or biting your lips damages the thin protective barrier on lips, which can dry out the lips. Saliva contains digestive enzymes that can break down this barrier. If you feel need to moisturize lips, apply a good lip balm instead of licking.

When shopping for lip balm, look for hydrating ingredients like beeswax, Shea butter, vitamin E and almond, jojoba or coconut oils. Choose lip balms that comes with sunscreen built-in. Good petroleum jelly (Vaseline) works well too. Make sure to buy only those lip care products with moisturizing effect.

Eat dark Leaf vegetables, Spinach, Carrot are good for your body and lips too.

Lips lack melanin, the pigment that helps shield skin from the sun. They are susceptible to sunburn. Excessive sun exposure can cause dark wrinkles around lips. Apply a layer of a sun-protective products ( lipsticks or lip balm which come with SPF) daily while going out.

Always be careful while selecting a brand of lipsticks because an unbranded lipstick can make your lips dark. Matte lipsticks can be extremely drying. Before applying lipstick, dab on some lip balm or petroleum jelly to give your lips a little moisture.

Lips can become dark due to other reasons like smoking, consuming caffeinated substances or sunburn, exposure to cold, harsh, windy climate.

Long air travels make your lips dry. Keep yourself hydrated during air travel. And also carry good lip balm or lip stick having moisturizer.

Plug in a humidifier. It can replace moisture in dry indoor air, keeping your lips (and your skin) hydrated.

Exfoliating your lips and the area around them. It will help remove dry skin and dead cells and reveal the fresh, healthy new cells underneath. Every morning 'brush your lips' gently with a soft baby toothbrush and then apply lip balm to your lips. You can use facial scrub to exfoliate the lips as well.

Before going to bed, apply the moisturizing cream on your lips. You will wake up every morning with softer lips.

Cut in the corner of lips, peeling lips could be an allergic reaction to a toothpaste, lipstick, food, beverage or medication you're taking. See the dermatologist immediately.

Some Home Remedies for softer and healthier lips.
To cure darkened lips, mix coconut oil and almond oil in equal quantity. Apply a coat of this on the lips and leave on overnight. (Apply oil layer for two weeks).
To restore your lip color, every night, apply your lips with a mixture of 1/2 tsp. Glycerin and 1/2 tsp. Castor oil with 1/2 tsp. Lemon juice and leave overnight.
For softer smooth lips quickly, apply cream of milk and leave it on for an hour.
For shiny lips, apply little lime juice on your lips can help in retaining the original color of your lips. It also keeps your lips smooth and shinning.

Take care of your teeth. Whiter teeth will give the illusion of fuller lips. Healthy lips and white teeth give you a beautiful smile.


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