Constipation - 6 Simple rules to prevent it!

constipation, how to prevent constipation, how to get rid of constipationNow a days busy schedule is a part of our life. Knowingly-unknowingly our health is being neglected by ourselves. Unhealthy food, eating on wrong time, lack of exercise, insufficient liquid consumption etc. can disturb the digestion process which can lead to Constipation. Many people are troubled by constipation once in a while. Here are some easy rules to follow in busy routine. There is no doubt that these simple rules can help you in preventing the onset of constipation.

Drink plenty of water
Main cause of common constipation is dehydration. Water aids in the digestion process and helps to prevent constipation. Fresh fruits, fruits and vegetable juices can also be included in diet for health benefits and to improve digestion.

Avoid Caffeine and Alcoholic drinks
Caffeine slows the digestive process, which worsens Constipation. Alcohol causes dehydration. Someone already suffering from constipation could get more dehydrated by caffeine and alcohol intake. Avoid or minimize the intake of alcoholic and caffeine beverages.

High Fiber food
Fiber rich food is another good way to prevent constipation. High Fiber food along with good water intake helps the body to form soft and bulky stool. Vegetables, fruits, whole grains are natural and healthy source of fiber, hence include them in your daily diet.

Limit non-fibrous food
Over-consumption of dairy foods like cheese, milk which has insignificant amount of fiber could be difficult to digest. Also, farm products like meat and eggs should be eaten in right quantity. Balance the food you eat and include whole grain food, vegetables and fruits into your diet.

Avoid Junk eating
Junk food like chips, burgers and other greasy food are reasons for constipation. Substitute fried items with other healthy foods. Carrots can be delicious and healthy substitute for chips when you crave for crunchy snack. Reduce the quantity of meat and replace it by fresh salad or tossed vegetables. Replace food products made of white flour like bread, pasta with whole grain products. Homemade meal is fresh and made your way gives more pleasure.

Exercise is essential for regular bowel movements. One of the key factors for constipation is inactivity or a lack of exercise. Exercise decreases the time it takes food to move through the large intestine, thus limiting the amount of water absorbed from the stool into your body.


indosungod January 28, 2009 at 2:40 PM  

I love the Indian just for this reason, well balanced and provides the right amount of fiber.
Exercise and water drinking are 2 things I strive keep regular.

indosungod January 28, 2009 at 2:40 PM  

I meant Indian diet

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