Clean tarnished silver with baking soda

Silver is a beautiful and shiny metal. People love to buy silver jewelry and silverware. But the big hassle is that silver tarnishes pretty quickly. Black-purple layer of tarnish makes the good looking silverware and jewelry ugly. Many People use silver polish to remove the tarnish, but it also scrubs out little silver along with the tarnish.
So here is a simple trick to remove the tarnish from silver in inexpensive way!!

Science behind the process:
Tarnish on the silver is nothing but the Silver sulfide. When Silver comes in contact with the air, sulfur in the air combines with the silver. and this chemical reaction caused tarnish. When immersed in the baking soda, the aluminum reacts with the Silver sulfide, pulling the sulfur atoms out and "plating" them onto the aluminum as aluminum sulfide.

How to Proceed:
Take a non-metallic deep container.
Line with Aluminum Foil.
Place the tarnished silver items over Aluminum Foil
Add baking Soda.
Add boiling water.Make sure that silver objects are covered with the water.
Wait for couple of minutes. You will see that tarnish is removed from silver and silver is again shining like new.

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