Eating slowly helps weight loss

health tip eat slowly A research says 'People who eat quickly are three times more likely to be overweight than those who eat at a moderate pace'.

While you are eating, the 'fullness' does not signaled to brain immediately. It takes your stomach about 20 minutes to produce this signal that tells your brain that you are full. Stomach feels 'full' only after it begins to stretch. If you go slow with your food, it gives you a better chance to stop eating before you overeat and consume more calories. Also, the slower pace you eat,the more mindful you tend to be of the food.

Scientists studied the eating habits of 3,000 Japanese men and women and assessed their weight. They found that eating quickly significantly raised the risk of being overweight, as did eating until one felt full. And, if a person both ate quickly and continued to eat until they felt full, they were at a even higher risk of being overweight or obese.
Some interesting findings of the study are
  • Satiety was significantly lower in the quick-eating group than in the slow-eating group.
  • People consumed less water in the fast-eating group than in the slow-eating group (290 grams versus 410 grams)
  • People consumed more total calories in the fast-eating group than in the slow-eating group (646 calories versus 579 calories).
This means ,just by eating slow you can save 1200+ calories in a week. And there are more benefits of going with moderate to slow pace eating.

Your stomach gets more time to start working on the food. If you chew more, then you help stomach in digestive process, with saliva. Good digestion means low chances of indigestion, gases, heartburn and acid reflux.

Japanese researches also found that eating fast is associated with insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is a silent condition that increases the chances of developing diabetes and heart disease. Also, fast eating seems to be a risk factor for the metabolic syndrome (combination of the symptoms such as high blood pressure, obesity, high cholesterol, and insulin resistance).

Apart from all these great benefits, you will also enjoy your food more!

Research Source : usatoday
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