Many uses of Aluminium foil

uses of aluminium foilAluminium foil can easily be underrated if used only for wrapping up the things. But it has many uses because it is strong, durable, and efficient. It comes in very compact box and variety of sizes. And when it wears out, it can be recycled with the aluminum cans. Here is the list of uses where you can make good use the aluminium foil.

Baking: While baking cookies, biscuits or even pizza, line the baking tray with Aluminium Foil. This will help to keep the baking tray clean and stain free. Also clean and dry the foil. It can be reused for baking again.

Cleaning grill: ball up the foil and use it to scrub the dirt on grill.

Make Funnel: In emergency, take a medium piece of aluminium foil, curl into cone shape. Secure with sellotape. Cut the point with scissor and use it as funnel.

Sharpen the scissors: Fold a piece of aluminium foil for 7 to 8 times and cut through it with scissors to sharpen the blades.

Ironing: Cut the aluminium foil into the shape of ironing board. Place it between ironing board and ironing board cover. Aluminium foil will hold the heat from iron, so you don't have to iron from the other side of cloth. This will help to save time and electricity as well.

Door Knobs: Wrap door handles, knobs, and drawer pulls with foil for quick paint-job protection.

Cleaning Silver items: Line a glass pan with aluminium foil, add enough boiling water to cover the tarnished silver item. Add 3-4 tablespoons of baking soda. Stir and put the silver item. It will get cleaned within couple of minutes.

Loose Battery connection: Fold a small piece of foil several times and insert to tighten the loose battery connection in battery charger, MP3 player or any electronic device who runs on battery.

Covering food: Use the aluminium foil to cover the food while baking or stove top cooking.

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