Memory Booster foods

Brain is a controller of our body. And it is a very active and hungry organ of the body. It needs exercise and proper diet to maintain its optimum performance. The right foods, or the vitamins and minerals they contain can enhance mental capabilities. Our diet have a good influence on our brain, reflected in our energy level, mood, motivation and memory. Brain exercise and balanced diet with healthy dose of brain foods can help you focus, keep you motivated, increase memory and defuse stress.

Here are some great tips about brain friendly foods.
Fishes like Wild salmon, sardines, lake trout, pacific oysters, and Atlantic mackerel provide Omega-3 fats. This fat is necessary for normal functioning of nervous system. It also helps to keep your memory sharper.

Fish Oil supplement
People who don't like Fish can consume fish oil supplements.

Healthy compounds in berries protect against brain degeneration.

Leafy vegetables
Folic acid in leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, dark lettuce slower decline in memory.

Caffeine in coffee can temporarily sharpen your focus and memory.

Watch the video to learn about memory boosting foods.


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