How to be a good host

how to be a perfect hostEverybody likes to be invited as a guest for parties and get-to-gathers. But it is kind of difficult to be a host. There are many responsibilities on the host. Being a good host is an art. People with open nature develop this art very easily. There are many people who like to invite guests at home but they face many questions like how and what to talk, what to serve, and how to entertain the guests. Here are few tips and tricks to play a good host.

1) Send aprior invitation at least a week before the date of party and request them to reply back for confirmation. Don't forget to mention date, time and place of the program.

2) Clean the house before 2 days and make the arrangement in the hall according to number of guests you have invited.

3) As a host, you should know the food priorities of your guests - vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Plan the menu according to that. Do not plan a huge list of food items as you are the one who has to prepare and serve.

4) Try to make simple and flavorful mealwhich you can keep ready ahead of time. If you stay busy in preparing food while guests are waiting, this will create an awkward situation for you as well as for the guests.Serve drinks, host a cocktail part tricks

5) Dress appropriately and stay ready to welcome your guests at least 30 minutes before. Check on the food, drinks, snacks, dining table arrangement and hall area. Also refresh you house with some aromatic candles or air freshener, so that when the guests arrive, they feel fresh.

6) Welcome your guests with a good smile and greet them well at the door.

7) Serve the drinks and snack to your guests. It’s your responsibility to check that everyone is getting the drinks and snacks.

8) If you are serving snacks with the drinks, serve something light which will not affect the dinner.

Greetings etiquete welcome hosts9) After serving the drinks and snacks, mix people up. Some guests mingle with other invited guests without prompting, but if you find some people are not talking with each other then it is your responsibility to introduce the people to each other. This will create light and happy atmosphere for the party and your guests will enjoy meeting new people.

10) As a host, take the initiative to start the conversation. Start the topic which is commonly liked amongst the guests. Do not ask any personal questions to any guest which may make him/her uncomfortable. If it happens in the flow of talking, just change the topic. A good religious or political discussion can be stimulating in the context of friends enjoying an evening together, but such topics should be avoided among mere acquaintances who can have widely differing opinions.

11) Plan some fun games in which all the guests can get involve. This will make the party informal and create a warm or friendly atmosphere.

12) Do not stay under stress or any tension about kitchen work or any other stuff, this will make your guests awkward and uncomfortable. You have invited people to your house so keep the tension and stress aside. Instead, have fun and enjoy the party.

13) On decided time, invite the guests to dining area for dinner. Serve them personally. Be attentive and make sure that everyone has everything they need

14) When guests are leaving, go to the door to say good bye and thank them for coming to the party and making it cheerful.
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