How to take care of you bra

how to take care of your braGood fitting bra gives you comfort through out the day. They are special and they need extra care. As time passes you will find that your favorite bra is not fitting as it was previously. Hence do not relay on a single bra, keep a nice collection of bras and use them according to your outfit. Also taking care of your bras can extend their life. So here are some simple tips to use in your day to day life.

Washing the bra

  • Preferably, do not wash bras with opposite color clothing. Keep lights and dark in the different loads.
  • When possible, do not wash in washing machine. Hand washing is a good method to extend the life of the bra. Hand washing is essential especially for underwire and delicate bras. If the underwire comes out, not only will the bra be ruined, but the wire could also cause severe damage to your washing machine.
  • Wash your bras after every use.
  • Use gentle soap and lukewarm water to wash the bra. Harsh detergent could make the fabric dry and itchy.
  • If you have to wash them into washing machine, tuck your bra into bra-ball which keeps the bra from denting, tearing. It also keeps the bra relatively safe from machine force. Use gentle detergent and low temperature setting to avoid damage.
Drying the bra
Do not Machine dry. Machine drying can cause the bra to get twisted, shrink and loose the shape. Also do not dry it with iron or hot blow dry. After washing just hang them on a drying rack or clip them to a clothesline.

Storing the bra
After bras are completely dry, put them neatly into separate drawer or hang them on small bra hangers and hang it in your wardrobe.

When to change the bra?
Change your bra when its shows signs of wear and tear like the ill fitting, loose straps, deteriorated fabric and mainly if it is not comfortable for you.

Using Bra Balls
Learn how to use Bra-ball which saves time, and makes you free from hand washing.

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