How to pack a bag for vacation

how to pack vacation bagWhen we plan a vacation we get excited about it. In that over-excitement we pack lot of stuff and use very less of that. Packing a lot of items also create mess in your bag. Packing only the stuff you need is very important, as you don't want to carry heavy baggage on your vacation. Traveling light means traveling stress free. It can be done with little planning in some easy steps.
Make a packing list:
Packing list makes life easier when you plan for weekend vacation or any vacation. Think about your destination and write down all the items you think you will need there. Make sure you carry first aid things, medicines and other essential things. It is a good idea to think through how you'll be spending time at vacation to get idea of the items you'll be needing. Example, for if you plan to visit a national park, you'll need a binocs, camera and a torch. Always think of carrying a book or iPod. It will be good to read or listen to your favorite music if you have to wait on the airport or bus station.

Decide clothing:
As you are going to beach, bathing suit, a hat, glares and sunscreen is must. You are going for two days, so you won't need lot of clothing. decide 3 tops, and two pairs of bottoms (Jeans or cotton). Also take one sweater with you. choose clothing in different colors that complement each other, so you can mix and match for maximum flexibility. Wear sweater, one of the jeans pant while traveling to save room in your suitcase. Do not pack very bulky tops or pants which will occupy too much space and make the suitcase heavy. Also you can skip another pant and carry any wrap dress, skirt which goes well one of your tops, or just bring a dress instead.

Keep three pairs of underwear, two pairs of socks, and a bra. For night suit, use a light weight gown which doesn't need much space.

Pack one pair of comfortable sandals such as flat sandals which goes good on any outfit. If you have any formal event during vacation. pack one pair of dress shoes. Place shoes in a plastic bag, so they don’t get your clothes dirty.

Carry travel size toiletries. You will get it in any drug store. However if you are very specific about your toiletries, and you don't get it in drug store, buy small empty bottle kit and fill up with your favorite products and label it. Gather all toiletries into a small bag which can fit into your bag easily.

Accessories and jewelery:
Accessories like purse, scarf can be carried on with you. Also, if you are planning to wear jewelery, pack into small box and place into your bag. If you are going by plane just wear it through your destination for safety reason.

Finally you will need a plastic laundry bag to put your used clothes.
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