Nine easy tips to save money

how to save moneyRecently I had posted an article about maintaining a spreadsheet of monthly incomes and expenses to save more money. Saving money is not difficult if you channelize your income in proper direction. Some habits are simple to adopt if you adjust a little. Here are some easy tips you should follow in your day to day life to reduce your expenses.

Breakfast and Coffee
In the morning, try to make coffee at home. It will save a lot of money. If you purchase coffee everyday during weekdays for $ 3 per day, then you can save almost $ 70 a month by making coffee at home.
Prepare breakfast at home. Cereals and milk are good option for healthy breakfast.

Prepare lunch for next day, pack into microwave safe containers and refrigerate. Next day, carry those containers at office. If you were spending $ 7 per day for lunch, making your own lunch-box could save you around $ 150 per month and its healthy too.

Grocery list
Make a list of grocery items before going for shopping. If you go without grocery list you may end up buying items which are non-essential. Grocery list also helps to save gas as you won't forget any item to purchase and reduce your repetitive trips to grocery store.

Bulk Grocery
If you have a family with four or more members, buy things in bulk. Buying things in bulk like fruit juices, laundry items, toiletries. Poultry items, dairy products, cereals can also be bought in bulk. It won't get spoil as bigger families need more food and toiletries items.

During your lunch break just go through coupons site like , etc. where you can find coupons for the items you need to buy. Also, check weekly advertising mails in your mailbox, in that you may find coupons for some good restaurants where you can enjoy food and save money as well.

Watching movies at theater is a fun, but it can be very expensive if you get addicted to it. So try to get netflix or if you are fine with waiting to get the movie you want to watch, check out your local library.

Save on shopping
Check out for discounts and coupons or clearance sale in the shops. Keep the items you want to buy in your mind, so that you won't end up buying things which are cheaper and looking nice but of no use in future. You can also buy clothes in advance like coats, sweaters which are generally on sale during summer.

Long Vacations
While going on a family vacation, plan your trip very carefully. So that you can save on gas, food and hotel rents. There are many sites like where you can negotiate and quote the price for your hotel and travel tickets.

Save on Electricity
Switch off the computer, fans, lights when you are not using them. In the evening, have a walk around or go to the play area with your children. During that period you will save lot of electricity.
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