Video toned arms home workout

woman with toned arms.beautiful sexy black dress armsMany women are shy of sleeveless clothes for the fear of exposing the sagging and flabby arms. Sometimes, flabby arms are because of lack of exercise, and sometimes it is just a body tendency to deposit fats on arms. And this can start at young age. Fortunately, there are many at home arm workouts to get rid of arm flab. If you want to have well-toned, sexy looking arms, here is a home arm workout you can do with just a set of dumbbells.

Dumbbell Curls and Dumbbell kickbacks

For toned arms, remember these tips
1) Arm exercise is not about exercising the triceps and the biceps only .Exercise on forearms, shoulders and wrists along with triceps and biceps gives a balanced overall muscle tone.
2) Avoid back strain by lifting heavy weights. Focus on quality of the movement not on the weight you can lift.
3) Warm up before starting the exercise. Focus on stretching the muscles in your arms.


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