16 things you never thought of reusing

creative ideas to reuse things, how to reuse plastic paper metal cansWe habitually trash things like plastic bottle caps, envelopes, grocery bags without thinking. Reusing them for few times before throwing them is environment friendly as well as economical. Here are some creative ideas to use such petty items which you usually throw directly to trash.

Styrofoam Veggie trays:
Clean and save them for Christmas gift packing. To gift cookies, wrap the tray with Aluminum foil or colorful paper, put the cookies in and wrap with fancy colorless plastic sheet.

Mesh from Onion Bags:
Wrap it to a sponge and use it as a scrubber for various house cleaning job.

Plastic strawberry baskets:
Bring out your creativity to make a beautiful basket for Easter. Decorate with colorful ribbons by embedding through the mesh. Create a handle with sturdy metal wire or pipe cleaner and string some beads to make it attractive. Arrange some chocolates and cookies on the day of Easter and make your kids happy.

Plastic Blueberry boxes:
Clean and store blueberry plastic boxes. Next time, when you buy any fruits like cherries, grapes or any small sized fruits which get loose in the bag. Store them in these plastic boxes and refrigerate.

Plastic Grocery bags:
Instead of buying, use plastic grocery bags for lining garbage bin.

Plastic bottle caps:
Collect plastic bottle caps, Stick numbers underneath and create memory game.

Cleaner spray bottles:
Emptied cleaner spray bottles can be used several times before trashing. Clean the bottle, add homemade cleaners.

Hand Soap Dispenser:
Bring the hand soap in bulk, refill the existing hand soap dispenser with that soap and use. It is economical, as the soap in bulk quantity will be cheaper and you don't have to buy small soap dispensers again and again.

Paper towel Cardboard roll:
Use to wrap extension cords, Christmas lights. Use it as a bangle holder. Run through a thick thread (atleast 3 ft long). Insert bangles, hold two ends of thread together and tie a knot. Hang it into your cupboard safely.

Old Metal hanger:
Metal hanger is a good option for storing bangles. undo the hangar, slip the bangles on and then retie the hangar.

You may find rubber-band tied with cilantro or parsley bunch. Don't throw it away, wash and store them into kitchen. Use them to close packets of chips and other food items.

Used envelopes are excellent source for making lists like grocery list, to do list. They can be use for labeling or bookmarking.

Blank papers:
To save papers, try to maintain soft copies instead of hard copies. If you have to take the hard copies, use both sides of paper for printing. In case, if you have unimportant papers printed on single side, then cut them into half, pile up, staple and use as notepad.

Eggs Cardboard Cartons:
Use it as homemade fire starter during winter.

Business cards:
Use the blank side to label storage boxes, kitchen containers.

Plastic Bread clips:
Use them as tiny scrapes on stove-tops.



Anonymous May 18, 2012 at 3:35 PM  

Very good and eco-friendly post. I myself follow many of the above things, learned a few new things too. Keep up the good work.

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