Ginger Home Remedies

health benefits of ginger, ginger home remediesAromatic and pungent ginger has been used in Asian cooking since ancient time. It gives nice kick to the recipes. Beside its use in the kitchen it has been used to treat various ailments as it has anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. Fresh root of ginger is available year around and can be used for various home remedies.

Cold and flu treatment
It helps stimulate the secretion of mucus and gives a lot of relief. It is also good for treating flu. It can warm the upper respiratory tract and thus, give relief to the patients.

Good for digestion:
Ginger helps to stimulate digestion. Eating little ginger before meal can reduce bloating. And it fights indigestion. Ginger is good in treating gastric ulcers.

Upset stomach:
Long-time ginger has been used for stomach ailments of all types particularly nausea and gas. Ginger helps food flow smoothly through the digestive tract, allowing the body to better absorb nutrients.

Relieve menstrual cramps:
Ginger acts as antispasmodics. Chemical compounds in ginger restrains painful contractions of smooth muscles of the uterus.

Mouth Freshener:
Ginger works great against bad breath. Use some ginger in lemon juice or have ginger tea which will be refreshing and helps to remove mouth odor.

Chewing a small slice of ginger kills the bacteria and reduces the toothache.

Improves blood circulation:
Ginger is a good source for good blood circulation. It dissolves the blood clots which increase the risk of heart attack. It also decreases the cholesterol level in the blood.

Arthritis Pain:
A study has shown that people with arthritis has reduced the pain because of Ginger. Daily intake of ginger may be beneficial. Topical ginger oil may also be rubbed onto a painful joint.

Motion Sickness:
Ginger is very effective against motion sickness. The pungent taste and nice aroma calms the stomach.

Ginger is effective against nausea. 1/2 tsp Little ginger juice helps to settle your nauseous feeling.

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