How to brush your teeth correctly

Brushing teeth is very important to prevent plaque build-up, periodontal disease, gum disease, tooth decaying and bad breath. Brushing your teeth atleast twice a day for two to three minutes is beneficial. We all know how to brush. However, there are some points to remember when brushing your teeth.

1) Choose a soft bristled tooth brush with small head so that you can clean the areas which are hard to reach. Soft bristles will prevent scratching your gum.

2) Use Fluoride toothpaste. Adults should use fluoride toothpaste to fight tooth decay.

3) Clean outer surfaces with short and gentle circular motion. Pay extra attention to gum-line, hard to reach back teeth. Don't brush harshly, it may cause to bleed your gum.

4) Brush behind the front teeth by keep the bristles into 60 degree angle and move up and down.

5) Before rinsing your brush gently brush you tongue to get rid of bacteria and freshen up your breath.

6) Rinse your mouth with water.


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