Smoke points of different cooking oils

Best Cooking oilOil is an important ingredient in daily cooking. Variety of cooking oils are available in the market. Every oil has its unique flavor which impacts the taste. Along with different flavors, they have different temperature ranges. Some have high smoke point, some has low smoke point. Smoke point achieved when oil becomes enough hot to leave the smoke which you can see visually. When an oil has reached its smoking point temperature, it burns and changes at the molecular level, releasing free radicals. Free radicals have been positively linked to cancer. Hence, knowing the smoke point of each oil is essential, so that you can categorize perfect oil for each cooking method.

Points to consider while choosing a good cooking oil:
1)Whenever you need to heat the oil, always use refined oil, as unrefined oil has very low smoke point and it burns very fast.
2) Unrefined oil is the unprocessed oil and offers best nutrition value. Due to low smoke point, it should be used for low heat or no heat methods(Salad dressing, direct drizzling).
3) If you are going to use oil for deep frying, smoking point should be high.
4) It should be enriched with vitamins. It should contain heart healthy fats.

Below is a list of cooking oils with respective smoking points and their general usage:

Avocado Oil: 520 F - Stir frying, salad dressing

Peanuts Oil: 450 F - Deep frying, stir frying

Canola Oil: 470 F - Stir Frying, baking, grilling, deep frying, salad dressing, good replacement for butter in baking

Extra virgin Olive Oil: 375 F - Salad dressing, cooking, baking

Extra Light Olive Oil: 468 F - Salad dressing, cooking, baking, saute

Sesame Oil: 350 F - Light cooking, salad dressing

Corn Oil: 450 F - Frying, salad dressing, shortening

Vegetable Oil: depends on the Oil blend: All purpose use, cooking, frying, sauteing

Palm Oil: 455 F - Cooking, flavoring

Sunflower oil: 450 F - Cooking, salad dressing, shortening, sauteing, deep frying.

Safflower oil: 510 F - Salad dressing, mayonnaise

Soybean Oil: 450 F - Salad dressing, cooking, shortening

Coconut Oil: 450 F - Cooking, deep frying, coating

Almond Oil: 420 F - Sauteing, stir frying

Butter: 350 F - Baking , cooking, Pan cooking

Clarified Butter (Max Purity): 485 F - Frying Sauteing

Lard: 370 F - Baking and Frying

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