Tips for Hemorrhoids

How to cure hemorrhoids? how to cure piles Piles or Hemorrhoids is one of the most common ailments. Hemorrhoids are swellings of veins in the rectum area. Although the hemorrhoid is an excruciating condition, it can be kept in control. Here are some tips, some ideas to relieve from the pain if you are experiencing discomfort.

Relief from Itching and pain:

1) Cold Compress:
Hold Ice cubes or ice pack at the affected area to reduce pain. The cold of ice cubes shrinks the swollen vein and gives relief.

2) Warm water bath:
Fill the bathtub with enough warm water to cover the rectum area. Do it 3 to 4 times a day, especially before and after bowel movement. The heat
alleviates from the itching and pain. Instead of filling up the bath tub, buy Sitz bath basin which is available at drug store.

3) Warm Compress:
Hold a damp towel (soaked in warm water) over affected area. The warmth will be soothing.

4) Lubricate:
Lubricate the pain area for an hour before going to latrine for easy bowel movement. Use odorless oil or petroleum jelly. Apply with cotton swab or cotton ball.

5) Do not scratch:
It worsens the condition.

6) Exercise:
Exercise daily. Exercise will improve circulation in the
abdominal muscles and rectal region and relieve congestion. Excessive fat especially on lower body parts increases the chances of piles and worsens the condition if you have one.

7) Urgency for defecation:
Go to the toilet whenever you have the urge. Do not stay waiting, it will lead to constipation and ultimately you have to strain more when you go.

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