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Beat loneliness housewife boring creativeA woman becomes a housewife for many reasons. Sometimes it is a need, sometimes it is a choice. Let it be any reason, every housewife comes to a point when routine becomes too boring, the tasks seem to be never ending and repetitive. And many times it is a thankless job. This is especially true for the ones without kids or grown up kids. They feel lonely and this can lead to depression, weight gain, fearful thoughts etc. Many times just following simple rules and tips can reduce the stress and loneliness of becoming a housewife.

Plan your day
After morning chores, give some time for yourself. Also, if you have children, distribute time for each work accordingly and manage time for yourself.

Plan your work and stick to a to-do list
On Sunday, plan the tasks you have to complete during the following week and make a to do list. So that you won't miss anything, all the work will be done and you still get time for yourself. For instance, plan your meals and keep ready the preparation like cutting vegetables, making dough beforehand so you won't end up in kitchen making food for longer.

Exercise daily
After wrapping things in the kitchen, exercise daily in the morning. You will feel very light and energetic all day. You stay toned up because of daily workout.

Eat healthy
Have a nice and healthy breakfast like whole grain cereals which keeps you fuller for longer. If you feel hungry, eat dense food which is low in calorie.

Daily calorie requirement
Calculate your daily calorie requirement. Eat healthy food. Decide and eat 5 small portions, keeping 3 hours gap in each meal. When you crave for chips, just have it. But make some rules. Don't eat directly from the packet, take one serving of chips in a bowl and eat that much only. You munch more than one serving when you eat directly from the packet.

Drink plenty of water. water cleanses your body from inside.

Don't watch TV all day
Don't sit and watch TV continuously. It causes to put on some extra pounds. Also, it makes you lazy.

Creative things
Do some creative things or give some time for your hobbies. You will feel satisfied after creating new things and will have some fun.

Maintain a diary or a blog
Don't think yourself unimportant. Maintain a blog of the things you like to create, write about it. Also, you might not be able to share your feelings every time you want. Maintain a diary and write down your thoughts. After writing, your mind will become clear and you feel nice.

Whenever you get time, you can do volunteer work in local libraries, nearby hospitals, schools etc where you will get to interact with people.

Go out with friends
Try not to stay home after 4 PM as there is a possibility that you eat unhealthy snacks at that time. Go out and meet your friends, have a light walk, take your kids to play ground so that you won't feel droopy in the evening.


yogita August 22, 2009 at 5:20 AM  

very nice article.. it will surely many housewives to fight the boredom.. cheers!

Vaidehi August 22, 2009 at 8:33 AM  

Thanks Yogita.

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