How to apply lipstick perfectly

how to apply lipstick perfectlyLips are one of the most sensitive part of our body. Taking care of our lips is essential to keep them healthy. Lipstick plays an important role to enhance the beauty of our lips. Proper application of lipstick makes your lips look more curvy and beautiful. Learn to apply lipstick perfectly by watching the following video and some tips.

Lip liner
Lip liner should be of one shade darker with the same color of lipstick. Apply lip-liner first to define your lips. It will make easy to apply lipstick

Lip Balm
Moisturize your lips by applying little lip balm, so that your lipstick will get applied evenly.

You can use lipstick directly on your lips but it can get applied unevenly. For that reason, use a lip-brush. Make sure your brush is clean and dry. With the help of brush, put on the lipstick.

Blot the lips
Blot your lips with tissue paper to last the lipstick long.

Lip gloss
Give a little shine to your lips by applying little lip gloss.

Apply second layer if needed. Even if you have applied it very carefully, it will fade after few hours. So apply it again to get perfect lips.


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