Suitable outfits for your body shape - Pear shape

Many women struggle to find suitable outfits. Lot of times they end up buying clothes which do not suit their body. Therefore, knowing your body shape is very important, so that you can buy right clothes.
If you have larger bottom half and smaller upper half, that means you have pear shaped body. Pear shaped women have wider hips, narrow shoulders and medium or small busts. There are many ideas to balance the pear shaped body by wearing proper outfits.

1) Wear tops with bright color which will bring attention to your upper body.
2) If you have smaller busts, wear proper fitted push-up bra or under-wire bra.
3) Wear tops with lower and wide neckline. A-line tops go great on pear shaped body.
4) Jackets should be bright in color and should end above the hips. It should have detailed collar that will balance out your overall outfit and draw the eyes upwards.
5) If your arms are not toned, you can wear 3/4 sleeves top.

1) Wear dark colored pants and bright colored tops which will draw attention to your upper half and creates an illusion that you have small hips
2) Choose jeans in a boot-cut or flared cut i.e. which has wide legs below the knees.
3) Wear A line skirts or dresses, they looks perfect on pear shaped body.
4) Avoid wearing jeans with pleats, pockets and seams on the hips. These will bulk up your lower body.

1) Handbag: should not be too long. It should stop at or above your hips.
2) Neck: If you have deep neckline top, wear some suitable accessories like scarf, neckless.
3) Shoes: Shoes should be with heals which will slim your legs.


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