How to know your skin type

how to know skin type, how to determine skin typeKnowing your skin type is a first step in taking care of your skin. If you know your skin type, it will be helpful for choosing beauty products. There are basically 4 skin types - Oily, Dry, Normal and combination. You should treat your skin according to its type, otherwise it can cause damage like wrinkles, pimples, rashes and blemishes.
Suitable cosmetics and beauty products, not only take care of your skin but also make you beautiful.

How to test your skin type:
1) Wash your face with mild face wash. Pat dry with towel.
2) Do not apply anything for an hour. Also, do not go out if the climate very hot or cold. It will give better result if you stay at home. Cool temperature makes your skin dry and hot temperature makes it oily.
3) Don't test your skin if you have applied oil to your hair. Sometimes, very light coat of oil spread over the forehead. Therefore, do it when your hair are cleaned.
4) You can make out your skin type by looking carefully. However, you can use tissue paper to find it.
5) If you are using tissues, use one tissue for one facial area or cut one tissue into 4 pieces so that you can use each piece for one area. wash your hands with soap and make them dry completely.
6) Stand in front of mirror. There should be proper light.

Oily Skin
If you see all the face shiny (mainly nose, chicks, forehead, chin), you have oily skin. Do the tissue taste. Press tissues on forehead, chin, forehead and chicks. If you find little oil on the tissue. Another way is observe your face carefully, if it has large sized skin pores, you have oily skin.

Dry Skin
About an hour after washing face, if you feel flaky, stretched skin, then you might have dry skin. If you have dry skin you won't get any oily substance on the tissue, but you will feel tight and dryness in the skin.

Normal Skin
Your facial skin doesn't look oily or dry even after washing it. People with normal skin type has very bright and blemish-free skin.

Combination skin has combination of dry and oily skin. This is a very common skin type. Oily skin is generally in the T-zone, that means forehead, nose and chin are oily. Chicks area have dry skin. If you press the tissue on forehead, chin and nose, Tissue will become greasy. But chicks will be dry.


Beauty Blog September 28, 2009 at 7:10 AM  

Great article. Very useful and important. I mean before one starts any skin care routine one should know they skin type!

Thanks a lot!

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