How to remove Ink stain from clothes

how to remove tough ink stainInk stain is a very common but difficult problem, as a little ink can ruin your favorite shirt in a moment. Removing ink stains can be a tough job. It is better not to place pens into shirt's pocket to eliminate the possibility of Ink stain. However, if you get ink stains on your shirt, do not panic. Try these tips to treat the stain before approaching expensive cleaners.

Treat the stains as soon as you can. The fresher is the stain, the easier it can be removed. Also read the labels. If the fabric is too delicate, Let the professional cleaners handle the stain.

Before proceeding, try all the solvents on the hidden area of shirt to avoid discoloration.

Wet wipes
Put a light color cloth underneath the stain to prevent the ink from spreading. Dab with wet wipes to remove excessive ink.

Dab with water
Dab it with lukewarm water until no more ink transfers out on the cloth underneath the stain.

Hairspray on the stain
Spray some hairspray on the stain and blot with light colored towel.

Warm water and Dishwashing liquid
Dab the stain with mixture or warm water and dish-washing liquid.

Most of the stains will go away after using hairspray and dish-washing liquid. However, if the problem still persists, use the following steps

Soak into milk
Soak only the stained part into the milk for 1 hour.

Vinegar and corn starch
After soaking into milk, apply paste of white vinegar and corn starch on the stain area. Let it dry and then brush off. Do not rub and scrub, it will affect the fabric.

Dab the stain with Isopropyl or denatured alcohol. Put a light color cloth underneath the stain to prevent the ink from spreading.

Wash the shirt in washing machine. Set the cycle according to the shirt label. If the stain is not completely removed, do not dry the shirt into dryer as the heat will fix the stain.


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