Outfits for boyish body shape

what is your body type?Women have different body shapes. Apple and pear body shapes are very common types. Some women have straight body structure. The measurement of their busts, hips and waist are almost similar. This kind of body type is called 'boyish body type'. Usually, women with boyish body shape are slim. Since they do not have curves naturally, they have to select clothes that will create illusion of curvy figure.

Points to remember:
Boyish shaped women ..
1) have very straight body structure.
2) don't have curvy waist line.
3) have small chest area.
4) have smaller hips

1) Dress:
Wear high waist wrap dresses, wear a suitable belt under the bust. It will create exclusionary waist line which will give you more feminine look. However, you will get dresses with belt or accessories so that you don't have to search belt and relative accessories.
2) Tops and jackets:
Wear curvy jackets which flares after waist line. It will create an effect of waist line and hips.
Flared neck tops creates an effect of perfect bust area.
High neck tops also looks pretty on boyish shaped body. Choose high neck tops with some detailing on the top like frills. Also, wear push-up or padded bra which compliment your clothing and define your breast area.
3) Pants:
Wear boot-cut trousers or wide-leg hipsters to add curves.
If you have medium or short height, Wear skinny jeans. Also high pocket jeans will elongate your legs.
4) Shoes:
As your legs are slender, wear any suitable shoes according to your clothes. To create more curvy look, wear shoes or sandals with heals.
If you have medium or short height, wear long boots on skinny jeans. Boots should have heels, it will give your body "S" shape by lifting your bumps and bust.

1) Do not wear tight fitted t-shirts. It will show off your small breasts.
2) Do not wear V neck t-shirt. As you have very small chest, it won't suit you.
3) If you have untoned arms, do not wear strapless tops.
4) Do not wear very loose and shapeless clothes.

Image Courtesy: Curvygirlclothing.com, overstock.com, polywore.com


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