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clothes for apple shaped bodyBody type can be recognized by its shape and cuts of your body. Knowing your body type is a very important factor while purchasing clothes. Particular fabrics and outfits suits really well on specific body type.
Apple shaped women carry more weight in busts and stomach area. And they have thinner arms and legs. If you have the apple body profile, find out which outfits will suit you.

Some Dos:
1) Your slimmest point is just under your busts. So, wear top which fits to that slimmest area and after that top should be flared. It will create an illusion of a curve.
2) Dresses and skirts should be knee length to show off your legs. It will give balanced look to your body.
3) Wear jeans with thin fabric. Pants should be wide legs or flared.
4) Go for trousers which has side fastening and flat front. It will avoid unnecessary bulk on your tummy.
5) Draw attention upward by wearing some accessories like scarf, brooch, jewelry or scoop neck tops.
6) Wrap tops which are fitted under bust area would also look good on apple shaped body.

Some don'ts
1) Avoid denim jackets or any other top which has too much detailing like pockets, embroidery. It will make you look larger.
2) Do not wear jeans with thick fabric.
3) Avoid wearing pants with pockets and too much detailing on the hips. It will draw attention to your larger area.
4) Do not wear too tight or too loose clothes. Tight clothes will show off your bulges and very loose cloth will make you look heavy. Get yourself a perfect fit.

Body Type: Pear Shape

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