How to declutter your closet

how to declutter clothes closet, how to make closet clutter freeAre you afraid of entering your own closet because of clutter? Its time to ditch the fear and take control. It can take some time of your weekend , but you'll surely feel nice when you walk into the well organized and clean closet. And you'll be able to find and pick up what you want to wear in seconds saving time in future.

Closet contains 80% clothes and accessories that you don't use most of the times. So why to keep all unnecessary things on the shelf. Declutter the closet and transform it into a spacious and clutter free place where you can find only the clothes you like to see and wear. Here are some simple steps to get a clutter free closet.

1) Spread an old bed-sheet near to the closet. Bring out all the clothes from your closet and put it over the bed-sheet.

2) If you have big plastic containers, moving boxes or big plastic bags, then get four of them. Name them as Donate, Trash, Unsure, and Sell. The clothes which you are surely going to wear will go directly in your closet, on the hanger.

3) Arrange the hangers on closet rod. Decide the places for skits, office-wears, pants, jackets, shirts, t-shirts etc

4) Start going through all clothes.

Sort all the clothes - Pants, shirts, skirts, dress, office-wear, inner-wears and set of clothes - Pile them separately.

Pick each cloth and think. Clothes which fit and look nice on you and is in good condition, will directly go back to your closet.

Trash - All clothes which are really in bad condition will go to the box named trash.

Donate - Old Clothes which are in good condition, but you are surely not going to wear goes in donation bag.

Sell or Donate - Good clothes which don't suit you or don't fit you, sell them or donate them.

Unsure - If you are not sure whether to keep, donate or trash, put them into unsure bag.

Arrange - Soft fabric or any cotton clothes can easily get wrinkled if they are not placed properly. Therefore hang the soft and delicate fabrics (
shirts, skirts or trousers) on hangers. Jeans pant or T-shirts which are less likely to get wrinkles can be folded and kept on shelves.
Under garments - Only keep the bras which are good in shape and fit you correctly.

Remember 'Unsure' Box?
Once you are done with all clothes, go through the unsure items. Decide practically and not emotionally.If you are really very much attach to any outfit, but you are sure you are not going to wear it, fold it nicely and put it in some other bag which you don't use often. Clear 'Unsure' box completely.

If you keep your purses, shoes into your closet. Allot proper space for them on shelve or buy small open cupboard for shoes and purse to keep them organized.

After every 15 days, have a good look in your closet and if you find any trace of clutter starting, fix that up immediately. Try to maintain your closet clutter-free, so next time you don't have to go through all these hassles.

Now you have well organized closet.


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