How to use hair straightener

how to use hair straightenerHair play vital role in your overall appearance. Many women have frizzy, unruly hair which are very difficult to manage. Hair straightening is an easy option to get chic and silky hair. Straight hair suit almost everyone. Temporary hair straightening can be done by using Flat iron. The following article describes how to choose and use flat iron for hair straightening.

How to choose Flat iron:-
1) Before buying, read reviews of the product on internet and other sources like friends.
2) Buy ceramic iron to avoid hair damage.
3) According to your hair length and texture, choose plate size of the iron. For long and thick ha
ir wide plate (approx 2 to 3 inches ) is suitable. For medium/ short but coarse hair medium sized plate (1.5 inch) works well. For normal and thin textured hair small to medium sized plate (1 to 1.5 inch) is suitable. However, the plate size is completely depends on everyone's own preference.
4) Flat iron should provide adjustable temperature button. So, you can adjust the temperature according to your hair texture. For very coarse hair, you might need higher temperature. However, try different temperature to find perfect temperature for your hair.

Points to remember:
1) Hair should be clean. Do not use iron on uncleaned hair.
2) If possible, let your hair dry naturally. Otherwise, use hair dryer to dry them.
3) Use heat protective spray or serum to prevent damage due to heat.

steps to follow
1) Comb and untangle hair nicely.
2) Straighten your hair into horizontal sections.
3) Heat iron to required temperature.
4) Start from the lowest hair section which lies above neck area. Clip the remaining hair up.
5) Take a part of the hair and carefully place them between the iron, close the hot plates and slowly work the way down to tip.
6) Repeat the action until the hair straightens.
7) Once ironing is done to the lower section, take a small horizontal section of hair clipped up on the head and iron them the same way.
8) Apply little lock out lotions or shine spray over ironed hair to maintain the style. (Optional)
9) Iron all your hair in sections.
10) Use hair spray after done with straightening to maintain the style.

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