Suitable Outfits for Hourglass body shape

When we see an hourglass, the first thing we notice is it's shape. Hourglass has equal sized top and bottom and the middle area is very narrow. Hourglass shaped women have similar features. Hourglass shaped woman has very proportionate body figure which makes her look very attractive. Therefore, many outfits which don't suit on Boyish, Apple or pear body shape; go well on this body type. According to recent studies, only 8 % women of USA are lucky to have this sexy, attractive body shape. If you are the lucky one, find out which types of outfit flatter on your body.


1) Your busts and hips are approximately same in size.
2) You have narrow and defined waist line, which makes you look hourglass.

1) If you have large bust area, wear proper bra which gives proper support.
2) You have fabulous figure. So wear clothes that clings to your body.
3) If your body is toned, any kind of body hugging top (with or without sleeves) will suit you.
4) Your waist is the smallest part of your body. So, wear well fitted wrap dress with belt to show your waistline. Pick a wrap that ties around the smallest part of your waist.
5) Wear mid-rise jeans. Complete your curves by wearing flared bottom jeans.
6) Emphasis your bottom half by wearing A-line or pencil skirts.

1) As you are naturally curvy, do not wear baggy clothes like baggy pants, loose and bulky shirts that would make you look heavy.
2) You have a great figure and may be fuller bust area. So you don't need to emphasis it by wearing dress with more detailing on the top. It will make you look disproportionate.


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