How to Slow down Skin Aging

how to resist aging processSkin is an important part of human body. It adds beauty, covers and protects the organs inside. Our health reflects through our skin. Aging, inevitable and progressive, makes skin look dull, loose and wear out. However, we can slow down the effects of aging, atleast externally, by keeping our skin well-nourished. There are many products for slowing down the aging process of skin. But, Some following few simple rules can also help to keep your skin looking younger and healthy.

Sun exposure is the most probable reason for skin aging. Avoid going into sun when the heat is at peak. Apply sunscreen to your face, hands and other sun exposed body part.
Wear long sleeved shirt. To protect scalp, apply sunscreen, specially made for scalp and hair. Otherwise, wear wide-brimmed hat.
How to Protect skin against Sun Damage

Wrinkles on the face are unavoidable. However, premature wrinkling occurs due to smoking. Nicotine in cigarettes causes narrowing the blood vessels in the outermost layer of the skin which results into less blood flow in the body. Due to less blood flow, our skin dons not get enough oxygen to keep skin healthy. Quit smoking to slow down the early aging. Smoking deprives the oxygen, drink lots of water to counteract it.

Too much alcohol is bad for your skin and dehydrates the body.
So, moderate the amount of alcohol intake. Drink plenty of ice water after alcoholic beverage. It will detoxify the body .

Unhealthy food
Convenient or comfort food like burger, pizza, soda or other junks food items don't provide essential nutrition to your skin and body. Protection of the skin is possible by eating foods rich in vitamins A, C and E. Fresh fruits and vegetables are particularly good for keeping the skin youthful.
So try to avoid ready-made junk food and prepare healthy meals at home, so that you can vary the ingredients according to your choice. Also, ask your doctor for vitamin supplement prescription if you are not getting enough nutrients from your foods.
Healthy Foods for Younger looking skin

Under stress, levels of cortisol, which is the major stress hormone, increase. This in turn breaks down collagen and causes inflammation. It causes various skin related issues, fine lines and wrinkles.
Getting stressed is not the way out. Know the actual reason of your stress and try to find the solution on it. Do activities which make you stress-free. Yoga, Head and Body massage can relax your body and help reduce the stress.


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