How to use Curling Iron

curly hairstyle, how to get curly hair, how to use curling iron curling tongUsually we feel comfortable in a particular hairstyle. Many a times, we are reluctant to change our hairstyle as we are unsure if that hairstyle suits us or not . However changing hairstyle can bring drastic change in your looks. And you may find it perfect hairstyle for you.
Hair Straightening and Curling, both are easily possible at home. If you have straight hair or unruly wavy hair, you can try curling them properly by using curling iron/ curling tongs. Curly hair style may suits you more, than your previous hairstyle. Learn how to use curling iron to get curly hairstyle.

How to choose right sized Curling Iron for your hair.
1) You will get curling Irons in different sizes. However variety in size changes according to the brands. Generally it comes in 3 sizes - 1/2 inch, 1 inch and 1 and 1/2 inch.
Small sized barrels (rod) is use to create spiral curls (small and dense curls). It suits to short hair or short and thin hair. It gives nice dense hair look.
Medium sized barrel gives medium curls. For thick and medium length hair, medium sized barrel is perfect. And large rod gives bigger curls which suits to longer hair.
2) Ceramic iron is popular and better option for hair. They give off negative ions that prevent the positive charge of the hair shaft, resulting in smoother tresses.
3) Choose curling iron with adjustable temperature setting. So that you can change the temperature according to your hair texture and thickness, as thin hair requires low temperature and thick hair requires medium or high temperature.

You will need
Curling Iron
Comb/ Hair Brush
Heat Protective serum
Hair Spray
Hair holding Clips

Steps to follow
1) Shampoo and condition your hair.
2) Air dry or blow dry hair before ironing.
3) Once hair are dry, divide them into horizontal sections. You can do it by vertical sections, but horizontal sections are better and easy to cover all hair.
4) Start from the lowest hair section which lies above neck area. Clip the remaining hair up.
5) Hold a small section of hair and spray some heat protective serum.
6) Place the section in curling tong and close. Slowly, pull the tong towards the tip of the hair.
7) Roll the tong back to the hair and hold for 10 seconds. Be careful, not to burn your hair or scalp.
8) Open the tongs and you will see curled hair. Work the same way to all your hair.
9) If you don't like thick and condensed curls, run through wide tooth comb to loosen the curls. Do not use narrow tooth comb, it will ruin the entire hairstyle.
10) Spray little hair spray to hold the style.

Watch the video for more detailed demonstration


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