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Free E cards websites, Free ecard websitesThe first greeting card was sent back in the 1840s (Wikipedia). Since then, millions of greeting cards have been exchanged. They are so popular over nearly 2 centuries because of their power to share emotions over the distances. Internet has made it even easier to send the cards online. You can send e-cards or order/schedule cards to be mailed in traditional way by choosing design and style online.
Here is 3 great websites that let you send e-cards online for free. is a completely free e-cards website and there is no compulsory subscription to send the e-cards. On this site, you will find treasure of different e-greeting cards. On the home page you will see greeting cards for upcoming events and festivals. Besides, it has huge variety of interactive e-cards through which you can share your exact feelings. It also has general e-cards like friendship, inspirational e-cards, invitation cards, just to say HI e-cards and much more. Another great thing is you will find e-cards in different languages too. This is an amazing site to get e-cards for Indian festivals and events. So, even if you are away from your home, you can send your love and feelings through these beautiful e-cards.
To send the greeting card, select and watch the card. In most of the cards, you will get an options to change the music and background color / design. Once you decided to send the card, write your name and email in sender details. Write a message, write as much as you want. Fill up receiver's name and email. You can send the card to max 100 people at a time. Last thing is to select the date on which you want to send the e-card and just click on 'send this e-card' button.
This is also a nice website for free e-cards. On the main page, you will find top 5 most popular free e cards. This site has e-card for different occasions and events like wedding, birthday, kids, love and dating, graduation, religious etc.
This is another free e-cards website. You will find simple but funny cartoon e-cards which will definitely cheer the person you have sent one. This site has pretty good collection of funny e-cards, everyday cards, holiday cards etc. You can send the chosen e-card to upto 5 persons.


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